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Build Back Better?

1) What do the oligarchs have in store for us now?
2) Have you noticed how certain phrases suddenly come into vogue and everyone’s using them seemingly overnight?
I’m talking about “build back better,” the latest word salad served up by the oligarchs for our consumption. And like “black lives matter,” “pro-choice,” and “hate has no home here,” build back better has been designed to be immune to any objections. I mean, do you want to build back worse? Do you want to build back at all? What’s wrong with you?

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What Did Mary Do for Advent?

In this introductory video, you will meet the hosts, Fr. Mark Toups, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, and Fr. Josh Johnson as they share their own encounters with Mary and the effect she has had on their lives. This video will put you in the frame of mind to see Advent through Mary’s eyes as you wait with her for the birth of her son, Jesus.

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Divine Mercy & Suicide

Source: Fr. Mark Goring via YouTube Fr. Mark Goring discusses the complexities of belief surrounding the difficult issue of suicide, and gives hope to those who have known victims of suicide, from the teachings of St. Faustina. SUBSCRIBE – click link below to receive Fr. Mark’s daily videos by email….
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Hypocritical Christians

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube Music written and generously provided by Paul Jernberg. Find out more about his work as a composer here: Spanish translations by Vélez Translations, I was recently watching a rock and roll documentary about a band that had short lived success in the early…
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Saving Catholic Youth

Source: True Faith TV via YouTube Gabriel, a youth minister, goes over his ministry’s evangelisation programme, which introduces young people to the teachings of the Catholic Church, apologetics, prayer, the Rosary, Eucharistic adoration among many other faith-based activities. 19.9K subscribersSUBSCRIBED00:36 Prayer 01:38 Lepanto 03:31 Youth 03:57 The Role of the…