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X-Projects: Interview with Inserts supplied. (TBD)

I received the following request from Richard Jackson, who teaches in the School of Nursing and Human Science in DCU. A friend of his, Brian Murtagh, is interested in having a short documentary made on the work that he undertook while in Kenya. The story can be recorded here in Ireland, with ‘B’ roll footage supplied by Brian from his own video recordings. [Ed]

Here is Brian’s brief:

Brian Murtagh

Brian Murtagh

“I am hoping that I will have a short film of say 7/10 minutes which briefly
tells a personal story of work in Kenya in the past but more importantly
will illustrate elements of good “development” work as an organization
begins its formation and tries to start a work for orphans.
While I am hoping the film may help to raise money to help the group to
achieve its goals, I do not want  a naked fund raiser film…..but  a film
that touches on some of the complexities and challenges of doing development
work in a poor community.

A        Context and Background:
Opens with brief story of a young Irish Teacher, me, who spends two years
teaching in a small isolated school in Masai land in Kenya during 1980 and
Friendship develops with the family of one of the students: Moses, and Brian
enjoys regular visits to his parents in their home. They are a relatively
well educated , settled Masai family, active church goers with a vibrant
Christian faith. Moses has 13 brothers and sisters. After leaving the
country in 1982, Brian sends a gift of some hundreds of pounds to support
Moses in his education. Moses uses the money to build very basic galvinised
iron huts for the poorest families in the community who pay a tiny rent but
enable him over the years to educate his own children in good government run

Brian looses contact but manages to bring his wife and two children to visit
Moses and his wife and four children in 2002 after a break of some 20 year.
There is a deep connection between the two families and with several of the
extended family of Moses. Regular contact is now maintained.

B             A currently emerging development:
Moses wife Agnes opens a small primary school on their holding for kids
from the town of Narragie Enkare. Both she and Moses and many of their
friends in the town have a heart to do something for the street kids of
Narragie Enkare. These are a group of about 30- 40 aids orphans who live in
slum conditions with a small number of sometimes random carers.  The
children however are not well looked after and most do not have the modest
cost of primary school fees. Without education, medical help, and better
living conditions they are highly at risk..

Moses and Agnes want to start a community based organization to help these
street kids.  They have gathered local volunteers and tried to start a work
with these kids in recent years but with few resources and little success.
Prompted by Brian who works for the Irish YMCA, they have met with the
Director of the YMCA of Kenya about the possibility of starting an
organization like YMCA to help street kids. The Kenya YMCA is slow to start
another fully fledged YMCA association as some existing ymca associations
are struggling to survive.  Moses and Agnes gathered a group of 17 leaders,
young and old from the town in October 2012 for a number of meetings and
Brian co facilitated a couple of these meetings, helping them to develop an
audit of need and a basic business plan for a community based
organisation.(CBO)  The Kenya ymca has agreed that pending evidence of
commitment and sustainability, the CBO can be an associate rather than full
member of the Kenya YMCA and can be known as the Narragie Enkare “Y” . If in
the future it proves itself to be committed and sustainable it can become a
fully fledged YMCA. The group has identified a small building which would be
suitable as a small boarding school for about 20 street kids and cost about
Euro 9,000. However right now they are trying to simply help an initial four
kids with school fees for next term…….

Kenya Community

Brian with community members in Kenya

I have on my Samsung Galaxy phone the following.
Many good still photographs of people and landscape.
Video clips of a market day in the town of Narragie Enkare.
Good photographs of the street kids.
Video clips of Agnes school kids in their classroom.
Video clips of Brian facilitating  a meeting and teaching active listening
Sound clips: Masai family singing 4 hymns in Masai at home in good
Sound clips : Frogs in the local swamp!
Sound clips: Weaver birds song.
I am available to do talk overs etc…
Clearly a lot of creativity needed in making such a film with mostly still
photos and music and talk overs with little video footage”.

Contact: Richard Jackson, School of Nursing and Human Sciences, DCU

Project update: This project is still OPEN.


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