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X-Projects: Olympic Council of Ireland, Schools Project (Cancelled)


Pat Shannon, Bobsleigh Olympian.

Stephen Martin, Chief Executive for the Olympic Council of Ireland approached me to see if there were any students who might be willing to give a hand in the production of a series of short videos (5-10 min.) as detailed below:

Excerpt from Stephen’s e-mail request:

The school project brief involves the following:

  • Olympic medalist posters
  • Posters of athletes from the 16 sports likely to be in Rio
  • Visits by athletes to schools to tell their stories, and q and a session at the schools over the next Olympic cycle
  • Athlete interviews

We need some support to put athlete  interviews together, that’s were I thought a few of your students may be able to help.

I will ask the questions re the athlete olympic experience so far / looking ahead to Rio/ etc, but it would be helpful to have support in videoing and editing.

Interviewees would be recent London Olympic medallists and reps athletes, one from each of 16 sports ( we could have the athletes here at OCI in Howth over a 2/3 day window).

We would post the resources on our website and schools could have access to them.

In short we wish to

  • help the olympic sports profiles , through the athletes, in schools
  • provide multi media resources for our website
  • request support from DCU students with the video/editing athlete interviews

Source: Stephen Martin
Image: Pat Shannon, Bobsleigh Olympian – courtesy of OCI.

Initial contact:

UPDATE: insufficient take-up. Cancelled.


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