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3D Animation: Milo

Completed as part of an undergraduate multimedia thesis at the School of Communication in 2012.

Team: Sarah Downey, Lexa Gallery, Colum Kelly, Yusuf Hasan.
(This version, slightly updated/edited).

Description: Milo is a short film shot with a combination of both live action and 3D animation. It is set in futuristic Dublin, where robots roam freely in the city.

Milo is a rusty old robot helper who usually spends his time in his owner’s office. One day, after years of loyalty, Milo is heartbroken to discover that owner Jacob is planning on replacing Milo with a new updated robot and he decides to run away from home.

Milo begins an adventure throughout a dystopian Dublin, where he discovers bitter humans and abandoned robots. The stories Milo learns from these old robots change his outlook on life, prompting a trip to a seedy mechanic to get some “work” done.


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