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X-Projects: Participants & Audience Members Wanted for New TV Show! (Complete)

Leah Yeung

Leah Yeung

The following is a request for participants and audience members from an ex-MMM student, Leah Yeung, now working on a new TV series for RTE.

Request as follows:

“I’m working on an original format show for RTE called My Best Shot that may be of interests to your senior students. The concept came from the brains behind The Lyricsboard, The Restaurant, The Hit, Operation Transformation etc.

It’s a dating show hosted by Republic Of Telly’s Bernard O’Shea. Very lighthearted.

Because it’s a new format we are looking to do two run throughs in our office in Finglas. One on 8th Nov and one on 15th Nov. I’m looking for two sets of 5 girls and 5 guys. One set for each run through.
Its actually a nice opportunity for people to see development of tv formats in action. We are going to invite all participants to be apart of our audience so they can see a prerecord and how our approach might change after the run throughs.
Additionally I’d like to extend an invitation to your students to be apart of our audience. It’s recorded in the largest studio in RTE on 19th November.
So any students interested in any of the following should email me
1: Run Through participants for Nov 8th
2: Run Through participants for Nov 13th
3: Audience
4: Anyone who wants to apply for the real show as a contestant. – They get a styled photoshoot with an award winning photographer. Then they begin the show in an attempt to win a great prize with a date!”.
My Best Shot Promo

My Best Shot Promo


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