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X-Projects: Extras Required for Music Video (Complete)

Matrix and Futurebound - Previous Video Hit

Matrix and Futurebound – Previous Video Hit

Jonathan Irwin, an ex-CS and MMM student is looking for people to act as extras in a music video being shot on Saturday 1st March 2014. If interested please see details below!

Wanna be on MTV?

Fail Safe Films are looking for extras to take part in their exciting new music video for UK artists Matrix & Futurebound this Saturday 1st of March in The Wright Venue in Swords.

We’re looking for people to act as the dancers and punters of the club, interacting in the venue and with our main actors.

The video centres around a beautiful girl and her gangster boyfriend as they embark on a drug-induced journey through a surreal nightclub. Having produced Matrix & Futurebound’s last hit video ‘Control‘ ( which has played on MTV, has over a million hits on Youtube, and reached no. 7 in the UK singles chart- we are now working together again on their video for their upcoming single ‘Don’t Look Back’.
So we’re filming this Saturday and we’re looking for people for a half-day from about 12:30pm to 6pm. We’re not able to offer people a fee for the shoot, but there will be food and snacks available on set, and it should be a bit of craic. We think it’s going to be a really slick and exciting video, and given the success of our last video, this will also get the same kind of exposure online and on MTV.
So if you or your friends are interested in taking part, please email a picture and contact information to Ian at:
Project update: Complete

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