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X-Projects: Video Production on Professional Jockeys (Complete)

sarah cullen dcu phd student

SarahJane Cullen DCU PhD Researcher

Request: Video Production on Professional Jockeys

SarahJane Cullen is a postdoctoral student in the School of Health and Human Performance primarily conducting research alongside the Turf Club, the regulatory body for horse racing in Ireland.

Project Description from SarahJane Cullen:
“Over the coming months, we are running educational courses for all apprentice jockeys in Ireland on healthier methods of managing and achieving the necessary low body weight for racing and we are hoping to create a short video (~10 mins long) to show the new jockeys on these courses.

We are looking for students who would be interested in helping us develop a video consisting of different professional jockeys talking about their experiences on reducing their weight for racing, diet and exercise techniques they use as well as advice for the newer jockeys and things they would do differently if starting out their career again. We would greatly appreciate any students interested in helping us develop this video”.

If interested, please contact: Sarah Cullen.

N.B. As a courtesy, if you take up this project, please also e-mail: William Tuke

Jockey Nutrition & Exercise Documentary

Jockey Nutrition & Exercise Documentary

UPDATE: the video is now complete and you can view it here: Jockey Nutrition & Exercise Documentary
The project was undertaken by Hamilton Niculescu and Aidan Broletti (both undergraduate multimedia students).


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