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X-Projects: Video Auditions (Complete)

NYX Video Auditions

NYX Video Auditions

Who are NYX? We’re a group of final year Multimedia students in DCU. We’re launching an app called NYX for our thesis, which is a nightlife guide for Dublin’s clubs. What’s this video? We are making a promotional video for the app. This video will follow four main characters on their nights out. It will show the variety of nightclubs in Dublin. Some of the clubs we have on board for the video are Lillie’s Bordello and The Lost Society. The video will be shown on social media sites, our website and at our end of year exhibition. Every actor/model will be credited and you are free to use it for your acting/modelling portfolio if you wish. Filming: We will be filming during the first two weeks of April. Each actor/model will only be required for a couple of days. The dates are flexible depending on actors/model’s availability. The auditions: We are holding open auditions in The Space in The Helix on Wednesday 26th March from 11am-6pm. Note: you must sign in when you arrive at the Helix at the stage door. You may turn up on the day if you wish or you can RSVP and we’ll give you a time slot to avoid you waiting around. The auditions will be brief. It will just be a quick chat and we’ll take your photograph. If you have a CV/Portfolio feel free to bring it along or email it to us. (If you cannot make this time but would still like to audition please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.) The part: We are looking to cast our four main characters (full description of these below) and also a group of friends and extras for each character (girls and guys, variety of styles and ages) for the club shots. There is little acting required for each part. There will be no dialogue. However we still need people who are confident in front of a camera. Experience is not required, but preferable.

video auditions - characters

video auditions – characters

Want to audition? If you’re interested or have any questions just email ­ and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can call us: Rachel Quinn (085 119 7824), Donal Martin (086 074 7774), Gabor Fulop (083 194 8012) and Úna Curran (086 214 1436). Hope to see you at the auditions. Thanks, Donal , Rachel , Úna , Gabor and Niall


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