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X-Projects: Animation (Cancelled)




Dr. Dáire  Ó Broin, from the Institute of Technology in Carlow is looking for someone or some group to help him produce an animation project, which involves making a HTML 5 game/interactive cartoon to help people with intellectual disabilities learn about the concept of death (something many people with i.d. find very difficult to understand and which causes a lot of suffering).

Unusually, (from a requestor’s pov) he has supplied quite a comprehensive list of assets – all  designed, as well as a full spec. sheet, so all that is left to do, is to bring the assets together and produce the animation. Dr. Dáire Ó Broin has also indicated that he is willing to make some funding available for this service, so you can submit some costs as well.

You can click on the links below to download the spec. sheets etc.

Please note that there is a rough deadline for the end of May, but some flexibility there.

This is a very worthwhile project and one that would look great on anyone’s CV.
As a matter of courtesy, please let me know if you take up this project.


Anyone interested should contact Dr. Dáire  Ó Broin at:
e: Dáire  Ó Broin.
t: 353 (0)59-9175581

Link to Assets: Click Here





UPDATE: Although students volunteered to work on the project, it was cancelled by the requestor due to other commitments.


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