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X-Projects: Training Videos Required (Complete)

Request: Video Production
The following request is from Dr. Paula Fitzpatrick, an Exercise Physiologist at Strive Sports Science, based in the School of Health and Human Performance here in DCU. She is undertaking an educational training project in conjunction with the Olympic Council of Ireland and requires some short video clips to be produced. Please see below for details.


Dr. Paula Fitzpatrick

Dr. Paula Fitzpatrick

Rio Olympic Games 2016 Project
Over the coming weeks, in conjunction with the Olympic Council of Ireland, we are looking to produce a series of short (approx 90 second) clips to provide Team Ireland Olympic athletes with educational information in preparation for the Rio Olympic Games. The focus of the clips will include heat acclimatization, performance nutrition, travel considerations for Rio 2016. The clips will form a key part of an athlete app and will include interviews with current and former Olympic athletes as well experts in science and medicine.

We would greatly appreciate the help of any interested students in developing these video clips. In addition, there may be the opportunity for further funded Olympic projects to come about as a result of this work.

Dr. Paula Fitzpatrick
Exercise Physiologist, Strive Sport Science
Contact: Paula Fitzpatrick

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Strive Sports Science

Strive Sports Science

Perform Analysis

Perform Analysis


N.B. As a courtesy, if you take up this offer, please also let me know (cc will do):William Tuke

Update: Many congratulations to both Adam McGee and Mark Philpott, both final year undergraduate multimedia students (2014), who have been selected by Dr. Paula Fitzpatrick to produce the series of videos for ‘Strive Sports Science’.



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