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X-Projects: One Day TV Show Experience (Complete)

The following is from ex-MMM student Leah Yeung, who now works for Vision Independent Productions, and is offering two students some insight into how a TV show format is actually produced. TV shows tend to be popular with video production companies as the format rights can be very lucrative, hence they are always keen to hear of new ideas. Indeed, the show mentioned below by Leah was conceived by a current Communications Studies student! So, maybe get your thinking hats on!
Further details below:

Leah Yeung

Leah Yeung

Quote from Leah’s e-mail:
“We’re hoping to shoot it on the 25th. Format development is an interesting area that I never knew about as a student so I am happy to give the chance to two students to come to set on the 25th to see how we put it together, hear how we tease out the logistics and game play of the show and generally run a production and gain experience as production assistants if they like. They can email their interest / CV’s to me at if they like. I know a lot are probably gone home for the summer but if any are around and are interested in making some TV contacts they’re more than welcome to join us”.

Best wishes, with your applications, and as a matter of courtesy, please let me know how you get on!



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