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X-Projects: Video Demo of App (Complete)

The following is from Theodore Kallergis who along with his business partner are working on developing an app. and are looking for a video to be produced which demonstrates its capabilities. Please see full description below from Theodore!

Theodore Kallergis

Theodore Kallergis


About the project:

We are in the process of creating a bidding platform which aims to bring businesses and customers together. It will be available in the form of an iPhone app.

The concept is fairly simple and we are looking to create a video that puts the app into context (explaining how and when people would use it). We have a few ideas of what we would like the video to look like but it is entirely up to your creative instincts to create something of your own!

Project includes video production and editing.


The deadline for the project is fairly flexible. We would like to be able to put the video on our website by the end of August (so still a bit of time to go). We are actually working on the website as we speak, so everything should coincide perfectly!


David Vincent

About us:

We are two full time professionals working for LinkedIn and IBM. This is a side project, completely independent from our daily jobs and we do it because we like to keep ourselves busy. Unfortunately we have no idea on how to produce a video but we are not afraid to ask for help! 🙂

Contact: Theodore Kallergis
+353 (0) 83 154 06 88

N.B. As a courtesy, if you take up this offer, please also let me know (cc will do):William Tuke

Update: this request is now complete. Congratulations to Donal Martin on securing the work.



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