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X-Projects: TAP Infomercial (Complete)

Please find below the outline for a short 3 minute video/infomercial from Paul Rogers, an ex-DCU and SoC student. The project is for a very worthy cause, the Tolka Area Partnership, a registered charity, which takes care of the most needy people in parts of the Dublin North West area. Paul has said that he will cover expenses and may consider a small budget. If you feel that you would like to be involved please contact Paul directly (links below).

Paul Rogers TAP

Paul Rogers TAP


Tolka Area Partnership Infomercial

About Us

Tolka Area Partnership (TAP) is a not for profit company based in the Dublin North West area. Serving the communities of Finglas, Cabra, Ashtown/Navan Road and parts of Botanic and Glasnevin, TAP provides a range of services and supports to local communities including:

Supports for long-term unemployed people

Micro enterprise development

Community and voluntary organisation supports 

Provision of social inclusion grants for local community and voluntary groups

Assisting individuals in progressing into education and training

TAP is also developing a community garden in Finglas South which contains 50 allotments for use by local residents while also providing a work placement opportunity for local unemployed people.

TAP provides these services under contract to the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and the Department of the Environment under the Local and Community Development Programme.

TAP’s ethos is one of empowerment and community development. 

About the Project

Having reviewed its communications strategy TAP now wishes to develop a short (3 minutes) infomercial for display in the reception areas of both its Finglas and Cabra office and online through its YouTube channel.

The key aim of the infomercial is to raise awareness of the services and supports available to individuals through TAP and to help reduce fears and anxieties that clients may have when engaging with the service.

Prior to 2012 the majority of TAP’s clients were self referred however following contractual changes implemented by the Department of Social Protection many of TAP’s clients are now referred by the Department to TAP under the Employment activation Programme. This referral or activation is compulsory and individuals that do not attend for scheduled appointments are liable to have their social welfare payment cut. This has significantly changed the dynamic of the relationship between TAP and its clients in that the motivation to attend is now extrinsic and not intrinsic as it once was. Consequently many clients present to TAP not knowing what will happen, how TAP can help and the benefits of engaging with our services and supports. Furthermore due to added levels of stress and anxiety clients are often closed to information and retain only a small fraction of information that is communicated at their first meeting.

In this regard the infomercial will serve a dual purpose in that it will help inform clients as they await their appointments in TAP’s reception areas as to the value and ethos of the organisation as well as informing them as to the potential services and supports that are available to them. It will also provide an opportunity for clients to review the information online and perhaps absorb details that are more relevant to them.

The project will involve working with TAP’s Community Network and Communications officer and will include:


Video Production



We would like to have the infomercial completed and ready for use by the end of Q4 (December) 2014 subject to student availability and college work.


Paul Rogers

Local and Community Development Programme Manager

Ph: 01 8361666


TAP Logo

Paul is a graduate of DCU and completed his Communications Studies undergrad in 1996.


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