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X-Project: Niteline

The following is from the Niteline Publicity Officer.

“Niteline will celebrate twenty one years of providing late night student support this month. Our birthday has represented a huge moment for us in terms of growth and success. Niteline is a student run service which operates solely to listen to students in a confidential and anonymous setting.  We do this using a free phone number 1800 793 793 and using online listening software too. We are open 7 nights a week from 9pm until 2:30 am. Our ethos is shaped by four key pillars we are non directive , non judgemental, confidential and anonymous. We simply listen to students which has proven to be most effective. All volunteers undergo extensive training and receive up to date training consistently throughout their time as volunteers.
We provide listening to our 6 affiliated Universities and their affiliates. These include for example DCU, TCD, RCSI, St.Pats Drumcondra, Mater Dei, National College of Art and Design and Maynooth University. We want to help each student realise that after hours we are here. It can be challenging maintaining our grip on all colleges across Dublin. Our publicity team worth with a main University each and we are always brainstorming ways we can reach out to students in a different way. We also have to maintain anonymous as we are still active volunteers! This can prove tricky at times. Here is where we need your help!
Niteline is now receiving more calls than ever and with a growing volunteer base we seek to inform more and more students about our service. Students now more than ever absorb constant information about University mental health services and this is something we are pleased about. However we feel our service needs to be seen as a comforting part of student life. We want it to be considered as a legitimate option for every student who needs to talk about anything. Making Niteline a valid and obvious choice for all of our students is our main objective in seeking your help. Students may think that their problem doesn’t justify the use of our service but we disagree. We want to help dissemble this type of thinking and instead build an image that we are a destination for all students and all problems!

So what can you do? You are all students and therefore you understand what we want to achieve. Be creative and ask yourself how can your work make Niteline a word on the lips of friends comforting friends, on the minds of stressed library buddies and in the actions of DCU’s staff aiding students. We’d love to see what you can do. All you need to remember is our basic four pillars and what colleges we serve! All essential information is found on our website, tweet our publicity team @NitelineDublin and ponder on our Facebook page if you like as well. We will be running campaigns and events this year in DCU so if you prefer to help us with a smaller event you are welcome to choose!”

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