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X-Projects: Dental Care Videos

Please find below a brief from Darshini Ramasubbu, a dentist in the HSE North Dublin area, who is requesting the production of some educational videos aimed at children, parents and parents with special needs, which will help promote better dental care and hygiene. Darshini is willing to cover basic expenses (food, transport etc.).

dental care dragon

dental care dragon

‘BetterBrusher,’ is a mobile or tablet application, aimed at children, parents and patients with special needs, providing information, pictures and videos on visiting the dentist, oral hygiene and oral care resources. This App is designed to help develop practical oral hygiene skills, prepare children for attending the dentist and reduce anxiety regarding dental visits.

Ireland, despite 71% of its population receiving fluoridated water, has high levels of decay amongst its paediatric population, with no existing national programme aimed at increasing knowledge of oral care in expectant mothers or pre school children, particularly those with disabilities such as autism. Difficulties with sensory processing may contribute to the oral health difficulties faced by those with Autism and this App will aim to address them via methods such as social narratives.

The aims of the ‘BetterBrusher’ initiative are to provide dental information in an accessible format, to focus attention on preventative measures and mediums, and to improve the oral health of Irish children. The objectives include increasing and positively changing knowledge and attitudes regarding optimal oral hygiene practices in patients, parents and carers, reducing caries prevalence and gingival inflammation in Irish children, and increasing accessibility to oral health resources, particularly for those with special needs.

We wish to seek help in producing videos or animations to include in our website and future application. We have produced some basic storyboards we would love to see completed and would be grateful for any help or contribution.

If interested please contact:

Darshini Ramasubbu:


Links to current slideshow examples:
Slideshow 1
Slideshow 2


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