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X-Projects: VFX Work Required on Music Video (Complete)

An ex-masters in multimedia student, Jamie O’Rourke is looking for someone to do some visual effects work on a music video that he has produced. It is a project that he has developed in his spare time, so unfortunately there is no funding available. However, it is a good project to work on in order to build up your CV, and it seems like it might be a fun project to be involved with as well. Jamie has included some details below:

80s Music Video

Still Shot from Music Video

The video was shot for a cover band based here in Dublin called Shift. Their backstory is that they were cryogenically frozen at the end of the 80s to wait for the next 80s i.e. 2080.  However two boys playing in an abandoned warehouse chance upon their cryochamber and unwittingly unleash them on the city of Dublin. It’s essentially a contrast between a horror start that culminates in a comedic end whereby their music turns people into 80s cliches in an attempt to bring the 80s back.

The main part of the FX is the alley scene where we need almost ghostbuster like beams to come from the band and their instruments. Smoke etc By my count there are 20-25 shots that will need treatment.
Jamie O'Rourke

Jamie O’Rourke

Jamie can link any interested party to a rough cut to evaluate the work required.
If interested please contact: Jamie O’Rourke

N.B. As a courtesy, if you take up this project, please also e-mail me at: William Tuke, so I can close off the request.

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