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X-Projects: Healthy Food for All Video Project (Compelte)

The following request is from Georgina Buffini, a development officer at the charity ‘Community Food Initiatives Programme’. She is looking for help with the development of video content across a variety of media e.g. website and social media. The charity supports initiatives across a range of food related social issues, including food poverty, community food centres, and meals on wheels.

Healthy Food for All

Healthy Food for All

Healthy Food for All is an all-island charity combating Food Poverty by promoting access, availability and affordability of healthy food for low-income groups. We Community Food Initiatives (CFIs), which are projects that improve the availability, affordability and accessibility of healthy food for low-income groups at local level using a community development approach. Food poverty is a growing problem in Ireland with the numbers experiencing food poverty rising from 10% of the population in 2010 to 13.2% in 2013 – this represents an increase from 450,000 people to over 600,000 in that three-year period. The current CFI Programme involves 10 projects on the island of Ireland and we would like help formatting and editing a video clip, for each project, of participants/development workers talking about the difference the CFI makes to their local communities and lives. We would like these video clips/podcasts to be easily accessible to upload onto our websites, Facebook pages and into presentations, etc. We are open to suggestion and input on how this might best work and look.

Georgina Buffini

Georgina Buffini

If interested please contact Georgina at:


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