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X-Projects: Internship at Animo Television

The following is from Audrey Farrell of Animo TV, who are looking for a production intern with general digital media knowledge. Animo have created many of the well known programmes that I’m sure many of you have seen on RTE e.g. Ireland’s Fittest Family, Baz’s Extreme Worlds (e.g. below), Design Doctors, Local Heroes, 21st Century Child, Feargal Quinns’ Retail Therapy among many others.


Via Audrey Farrell:

Animo TV are looking for an unpaid production intern or a candidate that qualifies for job-bridge.  The ideal candidate would be interested in tv and video production, technically confident with data wrangling  and be prepared to be a general assistant in a busy production office.

Animo Television was established in 2003 to produce high end factual and entertainment programming for the domestic and international markets.  Since that time, Animo Television has established itself in its home market with several leading celebrity entertainment series, fourteen primetime documentary series, a number of single documentaries, three factual entertainment series, a number of one off television event specials and a mini animation series.  Animo’s television output has generated a lot of newspaper attention – from searing attacks on its Future Shock series to glowing reviews of where it has taken Irish reality shows to date. Recent productions include Connected, Ireland’s Fittest Family and We need to talk about Porn.

Animo has a strong record of accomplishment in bringing together various partners – sponsors and other third party funders – in delivering high quality commercial public service programming. Animo also produces high quality corporate and institutional films for a wide range of clients at home and abroad.

Animo Television is wholly owned by Parallel Films creators of Albert Nobbs, Triage, Intermission and Breakfast on Pluto among others.

If interested please contact:
Audrey Farrell
Animo TV
32 Lombard Street East
Dublin 2

animo logo


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