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X-Students: Alan Markey

Now and again it is interesting to follow-up on some of the School of Communication’s ‘X-Students’ to find out how they are getting on. One such case is Alan Markey, a graduate of the undergraduate multimedia programme from 2011. Alan recently exhibited his first short feature at the Galway Film Fleadh entitled: Fat Freddie’s Drop (trailer below).

Written & Directed by Alan Markey.
Produced by Marie-Claire Hoysted & Alan Markey.
Co-Producer: Gavan Duffy.
Music by Gavin McCaffery & Sergio Milani.
A Tonlegee Films Production.

Synopsis: Fat Freddie’s Drop is a coming of age drama about a teenage boy Eric and his prized Goldfish – Fat Freddie. Eric has built up a large internet fanbase with a short series of internet videos: ‘Fat Freddie’s Drop’. But his online success fails to impress his parents Jim and Adele – they worry about him hiding away from the real world, making ‘silly little goldfish videos’ up in his room.

Life for everyone is suddenly interrupted when Jim looses his job. This puts a huge strain on the family. They are forced to move to a new town. As arrive at their new house they are confronted by a group of youngsters playing football on the street. Jim pushes Eric into joining their game with Adele’s support.

What initially seems like a good idea backfires when Eric crosses paths with local hardman Darren. A tense stand-off ensues after Darren knocks Eric down with a dirty tackle. Amid the taunts of the other boys and the watchful eyes of the girls on the wall a challenge is set.

Eric has 12 hours to decide: kill Fat Freddie and force an apology from Darren or face being barred from the street for life.

About Alan Markey
The following is a brief biography about Alan from his website: Alan Markey

Alan Markey MMA 2011“I began my creative journey as a musician, playing with various bands and music groups. This introduced me to the concepts of a professional creative workflow – songwriting; arranging; performing; recording; promotional work. 

While living in Australia, I talked my way onto the set of HBO’s WW2 mini-series The Pacific. This sparked a growing interest in filmmaking and visual storytelling.

Inspired by this experience, I returned home to Ireland intent on pursuing a career in filmmaking. I studied Multimedia – B.Sc.(Hons) – at Dublin City University, graduating in 2011.

I continued to develop my craft with a variety of production related roles: Assistant Director; Camera Operator; Production Assistant; Sound Recordist; Stills Photographer. I also performed various post-production tasks on projects including Motion Graphics, VFX, Web Design and Digital & Social Marketing. 

I studied Screen Acting and Film Directing at Filmbase to learn more about the human side of the craft. This lead to my involvement in a number of projects in front of the camera – a valuable experience for any filmmaker. My latest short film Fat Freddie’s Drop is currently in the final stages of post-production and will be appearing on the festival circuit this Summer (2015)”.

You can see more of Alan’s work on his Vimeo site: Alan Markey


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