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X-Projects: Documentary Edit & Internship

Bold Puppy Showreel 2015

The following is from James Murphy who graduated from the undergraduate in Multimedia Programme in 2010 and in 2011 set up a new production company called ‘Bold Puppy’. James and his business partner, his brother John, are looking for someone who might be interested in an internship/editing opportunity. Please see below for details.
Team Ireland Win

Team Ireland Win

The following from James Murphy (slightly edited):
In 2013, my company sent a film crew over to Iceland to film Team Bold Puppy, (my fellow co-founder and brother John was the team Captain) in a 250km, seven day endurance race called Racing The Planet: Iceland 2013.
The Bold Puppy team ended up winning the team category of the event and represented Ireland in doing so.
team presentation

Team Presentation

Since then we have cut down the raw footage after the event, but we have still never managed to find the time to finish the documentary about the event which we have no doubt would be a very interesting and engaging 24-26 min finished piece.

The following link was a promo video we made for the Race Organisers and gives an example of the type of footage available.

(Ed) If interested in getting involved there are two possible opportunities:

Option One:
We offer an non-paid internship of a maximum of three months or summers break to a suitable Media student who is showing talent as an editor and would benefit from the experience in completing the edit of a standalone documentary piece.
Option Two: 
An interesting FYP which can be given to an individual or a group again to get edited into a finished documentary in as much as is possible.
Our end goal is to bring the documentary to as close a finished piece as possible whilst giving the student(s) involved some practical advise and help in completing the project for their own learning and experience development.

If interested please contact:

James Murphy
Company Director

Bold Puppy Limited

Tel:                 0858564279

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