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DCU Library: Video Instruction Required [Complete]

Siobhán Dunne, DCU Library, is looking for a video instructor to teach the staff how to produce fairly straight-forward videos, mostly PTC or interview style videos.

Please see below for further details and contact information.


Siobhán Dunne - cropped

The Brief:

To deliver a short video production training course to library staff (and possibly others on campus) on how to record and edit video interviews.


The library requires training in basic film production so that we can record, edit and produce video interviews similar to those created by past multimedia students:

The course will be delivered in the Teaching Enhancement Unit Lights using their camera, microphone, green screen and iMac.

Course to cover: 

Part One:

  • Planning a video shoot
  • Creating a video of an interview and lecture
  • Using a video camera
  • Using appropriate lighting for video

Part Two:

  • Understanding the basics of audio recording for video
  • Acquiring and using music to create a more professional product
  • Using editing software*

What’s in it for you? 

  • An honorarium
  • Add it to your CV – we will recommend you to future employers


Course to be delivered by: 10th June 2016.

* Single user licence for Apple Final Cut Studio HD (or similar) to be purchased. Project supported by ‘What Works & Why’ initiative

To apply please contact:


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