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X-Projects: Short 1 min. video required

The following request is from Denise Leavy of Community Law & Mediation (CLM) service, and is acting on behalf of Rose Wall (CEO) who is looking for a very short (one minute) video and/or animation to illustrate the work of the charity. They are open to other ideas as well. Rose Wall states that although they are a charity with limited funds, they are willing to cover basic travel and subsistence expenses.


Comm Law & Med Logo

Proposal for short film (1 minute)

We would like to create a short informative film on the free Mediation service provided by CLM. Ideally we would like to have something prepared in advance of ‘Mediation Awareness week’ (10th – 15th Oct). We are also hoping to display the short film (1 minute) on our website.

The staff in CLM are keen to work with any student who is interested in pursuing this project. In terms of a sample of our previous work, please view our 40th anniversary short film here. We propose using the existing footage & audio files from our 40th anniversary film to create a short film (1 minute) exclusively around our free mediation service. We are also open to animation or any other ideas a student may have. We would like to highlight what we do and mention other community mediation services such as Ballymun, South Dublin and Portlaois.

As we are a registered charity, funds are limited. However, we will be in a position to cover basic travel and subsistence costs.

Why volunteer for CLM?

We assist over 2,500 people annually through our free legal advice clinics, mediation service, know your rights courses, school projects, conflict coaching etc

We are serving the local community for over 40 years now providing free legal information and mediation services free of charge to people that otherwise could not afford such support. Your assistance will strengthen your community and give you the opportunity to ‘give back’ whilst gaining professional experience and highlighting your profile within the Community & Voluntary sector.

Denise Leavy Senior Administrator

A  Northside Civic Centre, Bunratty Road, Coolock, Dublin 17
T  (01) 847 7804    F  (01) 847 7563


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