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TG4 Online Content 2017/18

TG4 are looking to students on media creation courses around the country to come up with new ideas for videos for their online and social media sites. If interested please read the attached PDF. The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 28th October 2016 at 12 noon. All submissions must go through their online commissioning system. For more info. please go here:





In this round, TG4 aims to commission a number of fresh, innovative, entertaining and interactive short-form web series specifically for broadcast on the TG4 player as well as our social media platforms.

Ideas pitched should be geared towards audiences between 16 and 35 years and be creative, energetic, edgy & shareable with a unique premise and tone. As with all content proposed for TG4, series pitched should work naturally in the Irish language providing a perspective unlike that on offer from other broadcasters.

We want to be bold, experimental, stylistic and most importantly relevant in how we engage and entertain our target audience. Working outside the confines of the linear schedule allows huge scope for experimentation with new genres, different forms of storytelling and developing new talent both in front of and behind the camera. We are particularly interested in:

  •  New contemporary factual content with a strong narrative that will engage, entertain and get a younger audience talking.
  • Innovative music and entertainment projects that are unique, edgy and mischievous.
  • Quirky bespoke comedy content that is irreverent, taps into the zeitgeist and casts a ‘Súil Eile’ on modern Irish life and culture.In this first round of TG4 Online Commissioning, €50,000 will be available and we would envisage commissioning projects to a maximum budget of €15,000 per project. We are open to ideas for short form series with episodes ranging from 2 –20 minutes in length. Projects can vary in duration and form however this should be dictated by the content and pitched specifically with suitability for the online platform(s) in mind.



∙ Projects should be very keenly budgeted and ideally be produced by a core team of creatives with online insight, savvy, experience and the ability to produce material with high production values.

∙ New and distinctive voices both in front and behind the camera are key to any proposal and it’s essential that any onscreen talent proposed has a real passion for the subject.

∙ Projects should be created originally for online rather than be a cut down version of a long form idea. This is not a pilot scheme for projects, however, successful web series could be a first step towards developing and experimenting with new talent, creativity or characters for further platforms.

∙ Material that is naturally shareable should be at the heart of all ideas proposed. All submissions should include an indication of which TG4 social media platforms the content would be produced for (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Player etc); which other platforms would be integrated; how the production would be publicised; and how social media activity/traffic could potentially direct audiences back to the TG4 player.

Deadline for submissions is Friday 28th of October 2016 at 12 noon. All submissions must come through our e-commissioning system:


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