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Horror: Glimmermen Episode 3, Dobhar chú

Glimmermen Episode 3: Dobhar chú
Multimedia Thesis Project

This, again, begins with descriptors of the creature – a large, otter-like, water dog – before moving towards a video presented by the Narrator as being the last instance of a dobhar-chú caught on camera. This sequence is presented as “found footage” in the style of The Blair Witch Project (1999) and V/H/S (2012). Five youths are camping on Omey Island, County Galway, when they are set upon by a dobhar- chú before attempting to flee. The creature was a practical effect and efforts were made to photograph it in such a way as to disguise its true and rubbery nature as much as possible. The crew viewed Alien (1979) with a specific focus on shooting a practical monster effectively.

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Episode 1: Introduction
Episode 2: Each Uisce
Episode 3: Dobhar chú
Episode 4: Faeries
Episode 5: De Selby

Production Team
Janina Franck
Jamie Hooper
Dónal Kennedy
Harry Moylan
Jane Quigley

Glimmermen is a web-based transmedia narrative which invites users into the world of An Roinn Anaithnid – the Department of the Unknown. The website acts as an exposé and hub of information about the supernatural beasts and cryptids of Irish folklore which are revealed to actually exist, having been covered up by “Glimmermen” since their inception 1937.

Users are presented with four documentary-style videos about Irish monsters, complete with cinematic flashback sequences, special effects and the ever-present Narrator character, who has purportedly created to warn the public about this grand conspiracy.

The site also hosts a discussion forum and “hacked” government archive, where much additional information (which adds context and depth to the primary videos) can be found. Parts of the site, including a video finale, are inaccessible without passwords which require close examination of all materials to find. In this way, Glimmermen seeks to further the development of transmedia storytelling by attempting to create a self-contained narrative world across multiple formats, accessible from a single location.

Glimmermen is also an experiment in the exploitation of Irish folklore for the purposes of pure entertainment and cinematic horror. Great care has been taken to imbue the videos and additional materials with elements that thrill, surprise and scare.


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