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X-Projects: ‘Filming Buddies’ required for Short Video Interviews

This request is from Dita Ghosh of ShiftMS, who are looking for some students to act as ‘filming buddies’, to create short interview videos for the society.


Just by way of background, the following video is from ShiftMS’s YouTube site [ideally watch in ‘fullscreen’ mode].

Quote: “Gallop is an enchanting, ground-breaking film, directed by BAFTA nominated film director Michael Pearce. Gallop has been developed and launched by, a web-based charity for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) and has already been shortlisted for Best Short Film at this year’s Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. The spellbinding film featuring Hollyoaks actress, Holly Weston, has been created to help better convey the impact of a diagnosis with MS, the most common neurological condition affecting young adults. It uses narrative to explore the life-changing event of diagnosis through a compelling love story rather than solely focusing on the disease”.

To learn more about Gallop and the community, please visit

Filming buddies

Who are we? is an online social network for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). We are a community-led organisation with a focus on using multimedia platforms to talk to our members.

Our project MS Reporters is a platform with video content where we train people with MS (MSers) to become citizen reporters to interview academic researchers and NHS staff about latest health topics, areas of research and questions that matter to our community. We team up each Reporter with a local filming buddy twice a year so they can gain insight and understanding about each other.

The exchange is filmed on a smartphone, cut down into smaller Q&As using YouTube editor and then hosted on the platform.

What we need you to do

  • We’ll send you the kit you need (tripod, 2 page training guide, 1 minute timer, stickers)
  • You’ll need a smartphone to take part
  • Watch some videos on so you can see the format
  • Attend a short training session (1 – 1.30 hours) via Google Hangouts with us so you know what to do and ask any questions
  • We will team you up with an MSer and you will go along and film the conversation between the MSer and the Expert, this will take place in Dublin
  • You’ll be in charge of filming the interview and making sure the shot and sound is good
  • Film the conversation
  • Edit the video down into individual topic-based videos using our brand guidelines and assets using YouTube editor
  • Upload to our MS Reporters YouTube channel to add to all the innovative and entertaining videos for our community

About you
You are enthusiastic and confident about helping others. You are a creative person looking to develop your filming and editing skills.

What’s in it for you
We’ll supply you with training from filming techniques to making sure you know how YouTube works. We’ll supply the kit needed for the filming. You’ll be the person making sure the conversation is understood by our audiences.

This is a great volunteering opportunity for your CV and your portfolio. It’s a great chance to develop your filming skills and build your confidence working and directing people.

You’ll be doing a great job supporting the MSer through their journey as a citizen reporter.

How long is it going to take?
Training will be 1 – 1.30 hours via Google hangouts (video).

You’ll film two 45 minute exchanges a year with the same MSer and Expert and then the editing the videos into smaller videos using YouTube editor. We’ll supply the creative assets you need.

Editing takes about 2 hours (it gets easier once you’ve started it)

If you have any questions, please contact: Dita Ghosh

Vote for funding support.


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