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X-Projects: Volunteer Digital Media (Student) Teachers Required [complete]

In partnership with Third Age, Christine O’Kelly is seeking volunteers for a digital training programme for older people starting in April. A one-hour training session will take place at the end of March and the commitment for the delivery of the programme is ten hours over five weeks. Please see below for further details.

  • The course content will cover the following topics: Compulsory Topics (6 Hours): Introduction to the internet; Internet safety & security; Email; Search engines and websites; Online government services; Conducting everyday transactions; Online voice and video calls; Use of “Apps”; Specific Government Online services;
  • Choose 2 from the following (4 hours): Social Media; Video, TV and radio; Shopping online; Instructional Videos on YouTube; Online Banking, including the process and security safeguards; Digital Photography
  • Third Age have a tutor training manual with handouts for participants and can do an induction session with the tutors at the end of March
  • Third Age are  happy to be involved in the initial class as support and backup if required – we will stay connected throughout the entire process and respond to any tutor queries
  • The learner profile is older people who have never been online before
If interested please contact:
Christine O’Kelly
Age Friendly University Network Coordinator
*01-700 8933*
*Bea Orpen Building*


*Office of the Vice President of External and Strategic Affairs*


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