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X-Projects: Promotional Video Required

Suzanne McVey of Swrve, in partnership with Jane Shortall Dance, require a short promotional video to be produced.

Via Suzanne McVey:
“I have an amazing work experience opportunity that I would like to present to you for the right person. I am helping a friend Jane, who runs Jane Shortall Dance with her digital strategy and one of the areas that we want to look into is video.

Jane Shortall

I am looking for a talented video student who would be interested in taking on a project for this dance school to help build their own portfolio. In exchange, they will get to attend the (very sought after) dance workshops and retreats at no cost.

This would suit a female student who has a keen interest for dance/fitness/wellbeing and who would enjoy building their portfolio in these area’s. Did I mention this project would be a LOT of fun.

A bit more about the project at hand – there would be three types of short videos I would like produce:
  • 3 min promotional video for her new course ConfiDANCE
  • Intro to Jane – why she loves to teach etc..
  • Interview with her dance students – why they keep coming back ..

Please check out the social media sites below:

If interested please contact: Suzanne McVey
M: 085-7824008
E: Suzanne Mc Vey


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