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X-Projects: Funding Application

Dr. Laura Costello, TEU, DCU

I am currently working with a team of colleagues here in DCU in the preparation of an application for funding and we are hoping (if successful!) that there will be an opportunity for a student (or students) with an expertise in graphic design to get involved.
In a nutshell, we are hoping to prepare some online and print resources to promote best practice among teaching staff in a particular area and we would like to work with a designer to prepare some eye-catching, informative and well-designed graphics. This might include (but we are open to other creative suggestions):
– bookmarks
– infographics
– “top tips” sheet
– wall calendar etc etc.
Accessibility is a key concern for this particular project, so we would really welcome inputs from anyone as to how we can share resources that are readable and clear to all audiences.
There is a budget available so we are interested to hear from students as to how we might best maximise the funding that we will hopefully secure to communicate some key messages to our target audience.
Timelines are quite tight in terms of submitting this funding application so we would appreciate if anyone interested could get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the design costs for each of the examples mentioned above.
Dr Laura Costelloe
Academic Developer
Teaching Enhancement Unit
Dublin City University
T: 01-700-8401

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