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X-Projects: The Irish Museum of Time

Colman Curran has initiated fundraising for the first ever ‘Irish Museum of Time’ to be located in Waterford. Colman is interested in working with some students who may be interested in documenting this process, and will cover expenses. To give you some idea of the project, please read the article below.

If interested in taking part please contact:
phone: 086 2416 284

Below the impressive Greyfriars building that will be used to house the ‘Irish Museum of Time’, in Waterford.


Article from Artiquarian Horology, March 2018.

The Irish Museum of Time

The Irish Museum of Time, scheduled to open its doors in Waterford City centre in October 2018, will be the first museum of its kind in Ireland. The project has been ongoing for a number of years, with fundraising having begun in 2016. The initiator is Colman Curran, whose collection of up to a hundred Irish clocks and a similar number of Irish watches and movements will form the nucleus of the new museum.

The museum will work in partnership with Waterford City Council and its highly successful museum branch ‘Waterford Treasures’, as an adjunct to Waterford’s existing museum quarter. It will be housed in the mid-19th- century Greyfriars church, which is currently an art gallery. The museum aims to be not only a static exhibition of antique clocks and watches, but also to have educational, research and tourism roles, and to facilitate the study of Irish social history, cabinetmaking and engineering.

The overall cost of the project is estimated at €1.5million of which the museum needs to raise at least €500,000, the balance hopefully coming from Fáilte Ireland and Waterford City and County Council. Suggestions for potential sponsors will be gratefully received by Colman Curran at

Once the museum will be up and running, we hope to present it in our series ‘Museum profile’. Meanwhile, to illustrate the theme of Irish clockmaking, here are three close-ups from items in the collection: clocks bearing the names of Blundell in Dublin, Parker in Drogheda and Timpson & Son in Wexford.


If interested in taking part please contact:
phone: 086 2416 284



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