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X-Projects: Lifestory Video

Opportunity to work with start-up venture

Lifestory Interview

The venture is focused on the digital transformation of the personal historian industry. The industry consist of service providers who provide lifestory biography services. They are most prominent in the USA but there are also service providers operating in our target markets of Ireland, UK and Australia. 

The venture aims to become the global brand for the LifeStory industry (what have done for genealogy). We have developed an cloud solution which supports the collaboration between client, ourselves and the service providers who will be our local partners in country. The cloud service is at MVP stage and we are looking for a videographer to work with us in testing the platform and tuning the final product. 

The technical skills we need are

  • ability to capture good quality video in what will be typically, the client’s home 
  • Video editing
  • Final Production: Assessment of story content, images, etc to create and produce a LifeStory video which will typically be  15-20minute runtime

The person traits, we need are 

  • Good interview skills or the ability to develop these
  • Passionate about people and particularly, an understanding or empathy to work with older people 
  • Reliable, enthusiastic and honest
  • Passion and drive to work in a start-up 

The person we seek, needs to have the equal combination of the necessary technical skills but also the personality and understanding that this role will entail. The work will be sporadic for the next 12 months but the hope is that this metaphors into a longer term engagement but nothing is guaranteed, as is the case with any start up. 

We are backed by Dublin City LEO and will discuss with the suitable candidate payment for time. We will cover reasonable expenses at a minimum.

Terry Crowley, Lifestory

If interested please contact:



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