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Freemasonry and the Catholic Church

Source: PatrickCoffin.media via YouTube

Patrick Coffin talks to former ‘high-level’ Freemason David L. Gray, who outlines the reasons why Catholics cannot belong to the Masonic order. Freemasonry ‘sells’ the notion of how someone can become a ‘better’ person through self-determination, and puts itself above all other religions, which it regards as mere individual’s opinions. Individuals are entitled to belong to those religions, which are regarded as mere opinions of the individuals, but the Grand Master of them all, is Freemasonry itself, a form of ‘wheelhouse’ above all other religions. Thus it excludes both Jesus Christ and grace. The Catholic church promises much more than being a ‘better person’. It promises eternal life, and the ‘divine’ life within – becoming a ‘new creation’. Freemasonry is a form of ‘Pelagianism‘. Freemasonry was condemned by Pope Leo XVIII, who wrote six encyclicals on the topic. Patrick and David mention (34mins), that Cardinal Ratzinger in 1983 clarified that being a member of the Masonic order, was a ‘grave sin’, which bars a person from receiving holy communion. David mentions that Masonic rituals, culture, ‘sacraments’ and practices are ‘borrowed’, with subtle interpretations and are cultish in nature.

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