Documentary: 3fe – From Crop to Cup

Documentary: 3fe – From Crop to Cup “The journey of 3fe’s coffee from its origin right through to its finished product in their cafés. This mini documentary features interviews with […]

Interview: Quinton Campbell – EM Producer

Interview: Quinton Campbell – EM Producer A short interview with Dublin-based Electronic Music Producer, Quinton Campbell. CS2, CM2040 – Group 3 (Ivory Toast Media Productions) Members: Andrew Pierce Peter Ryan […]

Documentary: Dealing with Dyspraxia

Documentary: Dealing with Dyspraxia Dyspraxia also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder is a condition that affects about 6% of the population. This documentary highlights the effects it has on the […]

Interview: David Gannon – Photographer

Interview: David Gannon – Photographer Interview with photographer David Gannon discussing his strategic process, most recent achievements and future prospects. CS2 CM2040 Group 5 Members: Chloe O’Toole David Stuart Kate […]

Interview: An Cosán

Interview: An Cosán An interview with Maura McMahon, CEO of An Cosán, an organisation providing education to people in disadvantaged areas in Ireland. MMA1 2017 CM132: Group 1, Team E […]

Multimedia Thesis Project: Escape Promo

MMA CM377: Escape – Multimedia Thesis Project Escape is a transmedia package, that consists of a documentary and VR experience. You can meet the team members involved in the installation, at DCU’s undergraduate […]

X-Projects: Short Video Interviews Required

The following request is from Christine O’Kelly, Age Friendly University Network Coordinator, who is looking for a volunteer to shoot some short video interviews. Age Friendly University Urgently seeks Volunteer […]

Multimedia Thesis Project: Bodhi Promo

MMA CM377: Bodhi – Multimedia Thesis Project Bodhi is an interactive installation that allows participants to see the impact of their actions on various global environments. You can meet the team […]

Media Jobs: Paid Summer Internship

Focal Media are offering a temporary summer internship at their Sandyford office in Dublin. If interested you can apply via a link below. Multimedia Design Team, Paid Summer Internship Focal Media […]

X-Projects: Promotional Video Required

Suzanne McVey of Swrve, in partnership with Jane Shortall Dance, require a short promotional video to be produced. Via Suzanne McVey: “I have an amazing work experience opportunity that I […]