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Category: CS

Communications Studies Projects.

Documentary: 3fe – From Crop to Cup

Documentary: 3fe – From Crop to Cup “The journey of 3fe’s coffee from its origin right through to its finished product in their cafés. This mini documentary features interviews with […]

Interview: Quinton Campbell – EM Producer

Interview: Quinton Campbell – EM Producer A short interview with Dublin-based Electronic Music Producer, Quinton Campbell. CS2, CM2040 – Group 3 (Ivory Toast Media Productions) Members: Andrew Pierce Peter Ryan […]

Drama: Girl Gone

CS2 2017 CM204: Group 3 Drama: Girl Gone Group Members: Eimear Nolan 15763265 Emma Monaghan 15365991 Bebhinn Naughton 15316311 Amy O’Reilly 15399601 Quote: “Copyrighted material in this product are present […]

Interview: Philip McKinley

CS3 2017 CM393: Group 1 Interview with Philip McKinley, IFC, DCU Team Members: Patrick Casey Levi Connell Chris Grant Eithne MacSweeny Ciarán Pender

Interview: Frisbee

CS2 2017 CM204: Group 5 Title: Frisbee Team Members: Nicole Kenny, Craig Mc Carthy, Matthew McFadden, Conor Neacy, Liam O’Donoghue.

Interview: Students & Politics

CS2 2017 CM204: Group 3 Interview: Students & Politics With Special Thanks to Sean Cassidy Group Members: Emma Monaghan, Eimear Nolan, Bebhinn Naughton Amy O’Reilly.

Conor McCarthy, Chief Executive of Dublin Aerospace

Interview: Conor McCarthy

Interview with Conor McCarthy, founder and Chief Executive of Dublin Aerospace and winner of the Ernst & Young “Emerging” Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011. CS3 2015 CM393: Group […]