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The brutal precedents for China’s genocidal Uyghur repression

In the wake of an Associated Press-Jamestown Foundation report regarding mass sterilisations, forced abortions and brutal control of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang (see my earlier article), it is necessary to revisit the most brutal episodes of China’s one child policy to understand why and how it can now carry out this demographic genocide in Xinjiang with such ruthless efficiency.

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With the Eyes of the Soul: The Life of St. Porphyrios

“With the Eyes of the Soul”. We’re happy to announce the long awaited release of our video on the life of Saint Porphyrios, one of Orthodoxy’s most well known contemporary elders who happened to live most of his life working as a priest in a clinic chapel in Athens, Greece. We hope that you enjoy and are inspired by not just his life but also in how he helped and healed many people through his prayers to God.

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Marxism and the Catholic Church

Source: Church Militant via YouTube Find Tim Gordon here: ollow him on Twitter:… Learn more about The Acton Institute here: Follow Rev. Robert Sirico on Twitter: Get the truth. Join Church Militant today: The Vortex, Headlines, The Download, Mic’d Up and more Catholic content! Go…
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Muhammad Was a FALSE Prophet

Matt Fradd says “In this new episode of Pints with Aquinas, I interview David Wood (popular YouTuber, Evangelical Christian, ex-convict, ex-West Virginia trailer park resident, and all around awesome dude-with-an-amazing-conversion-story). David has a real passion for apologetics—particularly as it relates to refuting Islam. In this amazing conversation, we pick apart Islam, using Aquinas’ writings on Muhammad as our guide”.

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David vs. Goliath: Gab’s Andrew Torba battles to compete with Twitter

Andrew Torba of says
“I gave an exclusive 30 minute interview to @RickWiles of @TRUNEWS about Gab’s story and my own personal testimony. I hope you find some time during the holiday weekend to check it out. You’ll learn about the history of Gab, why we started Gab, how we overcame the attacks and blacklisting we’ve experienced, and more”.