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How Can Birth Control Be Wrong? Part II

This is Part Two of a three-part video series on the reasons behind the Catholic Church’s teaching against contraception.
In this video, I explain the natural law reasoning behind the teaching. What is the natural law? (what rational beings must do to perfect their natures.) How easy is it to understand? (Yes!) Why does the Church rely on it if it’s not something revealed by God in the Bible?
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How Can Birth Control Be Wrong? Part III

In Part 3, I give you five facts that explode the myth that the world is suffering a population explosion (in reality it’s a population implosion), and two analogies to help understand the moral difference between natural family planning (NFP) and contraception. All the content is drawn from my book The Contraception Deception: Catholic Teaching On Birth Control.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_780/marina-nemat.jpg
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Finding Faith in an Iranian Prison: Marina Nemat

In January 1982, Marina Nemat, then just sixteen years old, was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to death for political crimes. Until then, her life in Tehran had centered around school, summer parties at the lake, and her crush on Andre, the young man she had met at church. But when math and history were subordinated to the study of the Koran and political propaganda..
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Nigerian Christians are losing the demographic war

The world’s most “unfashionable” persecuted minority is arguably Christian. Despite being persecuted in far more countries than any other religion, Christians are simply not on the radar of Western consciousness. At a time when the persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar, Uyghurs in China and Yazidis in Iraq is being under-reported, the world has done little to help any of these minorities and persecuted Christians have become the victims of increasingly outrageous neglect.
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From Star Seed to Disciple of Christ

Leah was fully immersed in all aspects of the new age movement, including the use of ‘spiritual guides’. She had founded a successful YouTube channel extolling, what she thought, were the benefits of the New Age movement, until she was forced by life’s circumstances to seek out the “true spiritual path”. This brought her into a very personal encounter with a gentle, loving, personal Jesus, which totally changed her life.

Claudio Schwarz -
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Stockpile Food Now! – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Fr. Mark Goring says to stockpile food, but don’t break the bank, and buy things that you actually use. Maybe have a couple of weeks food in your store, just in case fresh produce does not become easy to purchase. Also, perhaps add some other necessities such as toiletries. He suggests that this may not be so much from the result of a second wave, but due to further government restrictions and ‘fear’.
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Investigated, Silenced, Course Cancelled

Up until 2013, physics professor Eric Hedin taught an interdisciplinary honors seminar at Ball State University (BSU) called Boundaries of Science. This was not a straight physics or cosmology class, but an elective interdisciplinary course designed to “emphasiz[e]… the relationships of the sciences to human concerns and society,” and it explored scientific evidence for intelligent design, among other topics related to science and faith.