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That Hideous Strength: C.S. Lewis’s Prophetic Warning against the Abuse of Science

Famed Anglo-Irish writer C.S. Lewis issued a prophetic warning against the dangers of the abuse of science in his novel That Hideous Strength. Learn about the relevance of Lewis’s novel for today in this video commemorating its 75th anniversary (the novel was published originally on August 16, 1945). This clip is an excerpt from a longer documentary titled The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism…

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Making Children, Unmaking Families

Manufacturing children using the genetic material of multiple parents is not a prospect to be celebrated. It is a dystopian technology, making children, as if they were consumer goods, and unmaking the family, as if it were not essential to the common good. The New York Times recently ran an op-ed titled “The Poly-Parent Households are Coming.” It is notable for its celebratory approach to two future prospects: that human children might be created from manufactured gametes (sperm and egg) through a process called in vitro gametogenesis (IVG)…
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Patients can no longer assume that doctors are committed to protecting life.

Source: alexschadenberg.blogspot.comReprinted with permission By Gordon Friesen. Throughout the long Canadian discussions, court cases, and legislative compromises, which eventually resulted in mandating physician “assisted” death, there has often been a comfortable tendency for people to think that euthanasia is merely another clinical procedure; that its influence could be restricted to…

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23 countries will lose half their populations by 2100

Global demographic news has been dominated by the recent population forecasts in The Lancet. While they are hardly new or unexpected, they have made a larger portion of the world sit up and take notice of extreme and widespread global population decline. Taking into account mortality, fertility, and migration, the study forecasts that global population will peak at 9·73 billion people in 2064 and decline to 8·79 billion by 2100. Thus, it predicts population decline will happen sooner than current United Nations forecasts…

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The Sustainability of Beauty

I recently had an interesting conversation with an architect who defined himself as a classicist with respect to aesthetics, art, and design. And he explained what he understood that to be in an interesting way. He said that a classicist is someone who believes that there is an ideal form to be realized in design. Whether that be in car, a building, a smartphone, or whatever. And this is consistent with Classical and medieval…

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Beauty, Darwin & Design

Charles Darwin once wrote that the sight of a male peacock’s tail made him physically ill. Why? Because he knew that the gratuitous beauty so prevalent throughout the living world points unmistakably to intelligent design, foresight and plan. Explore the artistry and stunning implications of natural colors, patterns, and ornamentation in the animal and plant kingdoms that exist for a purpose beyond mere survival.
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Can I Smoke Marijuana?

If you’re wondering if you can smoke marijuana, Pope Francis offers some advice:

“Let me state this in the clearest possible terms: the problem of drug use is not solved with drugs. Attempts to legalize so-called recreational drugs are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired affects. Here I would affirm what I stated on another occasion: no to every type of drug use. It’s as simple as that.”

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The Authorities Can’t Save You

When most people hear the word authoritarianism, it naturally conjures a range of negative associations. We tend to think of dictators, wars, and genocides. And it’s probably a good thing that it does produce those kinds of associations because despotism isn’t something that anyone wants, but it seems to me that the unprecedented fragile peace and prosperity that so many generations have known now is never far from that edge.
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“Pope Francis and Vatican II”

Friends, some Catholics in America today are increasingly vocal in their attacks on the Second Vatican Council—an ecumenical council of the Church summoned and presided over by the successor of Peter. How should we understand this disturbing trend? In this keynote talk from the 2020 Napa Institute, I trace the missionary purpose of Vatican II from the conciliar texts themselves, through the New Evangelization…