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Category: Horror

Horror projects.

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 4, Faeries

Glimmermen Episode 4: Faeries Multimedia Thesis Project Breaking with the previous episodes, Faeries begins with the Narrator addressing the camera directly to tell her own backstory. Flashbacks reveal she and […]

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 3, Dobhar chú

Glimmermen Episode 3: Dobhar chú Multimedia Thesis Project This, again, begins with descriptors of the creature – a large, otter-like, water dog – before moving towards a video presented by […]

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 2, Each Uisce

Glimmermen Episode 2: Each Uisce Multimedia Thesis Project “Each Uisce” begins with the Narrator detailing the myth of the each uisce, a shape-shifting water horse, with additional material from a […]

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 1, Introduction

Glimmermen Episode 1: Introduction Multimedia thesis project This first video serves as an introduction to the Glimmermen as a concept, to the Narrator, her mysterious contact de Selby, and to […]

Triptych No. 1: Horror

Horror: Triptych, Part 1

Drama/Horror: Triptych Part 1 This project comprises a linked story which stretched across three genres, ‘horror‘, ‘film noir‘ and ‘science fiction‘. MMM 2013 CM594: Thesis Project Philip Donegan, Luke Duggan,Stefan Evans, Roibeard O’Conchuir, and […]