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Category: Theses Videos

Videos from a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate theses projects, where video featured as a complete project in its own right, or as part of a mix of media content in the final project.

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 4, Faeries

Glimmermen Episode 4: Faeries Multimedia Thesis Project Breaking with the previous episodes, Faeries begins with the Narrator addressing the camera directly to tell her own backstory. Flashbacks reveal she and […]

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 3, Dobhar chú

Glimmermen Episode 3: Dobhar chú Multimedia Thesis Project This, again, begins with descriptors of the creature – a large, otter-like, water dog – before moving towards a video presented by […]

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 2, Each Uisce

Glimmermen Episode 2: Each Uisce Multimedia Thesis Project “Each Uisce” begins with the Narrator detailing the myth of the each uisce, a shape-shifting water horse, with additional material from a […]

Horror: Glimmermen Episode 1, Introduction

Glimmermen Episode 1: Introduction Multimedia thesis project This first video serves as an introduction to the Glimmermen as a concept, to the Narrator, her mysterious contact de Selby, and to […] What is Storytelling? What is Storytelling? Multimedia Thesis 2014 What makes a good story, and how are modern technologies affecting storytelling? These were some of the questions put to a range of […]

Hy Brasil ‘- An tOilean Draiochta’

Hy Brasil ‘- An tOilean Draiochta’  Multimedia Programme 2015: Thesis Project A mix of live action and animation. The tale of a mysterious island that only appears once every four […]


MAX Multimedia Programme 2016: Thesis Project Max and Emily are lifelong friends. The pair do everything together and are practically inseparable. After a night on the town something happens between […]