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“Pope Francis and Vatican II”

Friends, some Catholics in America today are increasingly vocal in their attacks on the Second Vatican Council—an ecumenical council of the Church summoned and presided over by the successor of Peter. How should we understand this disturbing trend? In this keynote talk from the 2020 Napa Institute, I trace the missionary purpose of Vatican II from the conciliar texts themselves, through the New Evangelization…

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God’s Gift for You

Friends, from Genesis to Revelation, Scripture begins and ends on the principle of the primacy of grace. In the Christian religion, there is no such thing as “conditional love.” Rather, God gives freely, and it is our task to accept it. “All who are thirsty, come to the water!” And what is the water, but that which symbolizes divine life and ultimate joy?

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Bishop Barron on Canceling Padre Serra

Friends, the entire effort to erase the memory of St. Junípero Serra is from a historical standpoint ridiculous and from a moral standpoint more than a little frightening. When we see mobs of people tearing down and desecrating statues of a great Catholic saint, how can we not see the ugly spectre of anti-Catholicism raising its head?

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Those Who are Just Must be Kind

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube Those Who are Just Must be Kind — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon Friends, though it was considered foolishness to the world, the Lord revealed his all-embracing power in the outstretched arms of the crucified Christ. Though this act, God offered to us all the…

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When God Speaks

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube When God Speaks — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon Friends, God continually brings into being, by his creative Word, the universe in its totality. We do not inhabit a chaos; we inhabit a cosmos. But that Word also became flesh and dwelt among us. And…

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Social Media and the Catholic Culture of Contempt

Friends, Catholics must stop tearing each other apart online. We should be outraged by those who send virulent comments to one another, preventing actually fruitful evangelical conversation. Calumny, the mean-spirited accusation of another person, is a violation of both charity and justice. Who could possibly blame a non-believer for thinking, “I don’t want any part of that group” if they see how Catholics engage each other on social media? Join me in standing against this.

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Collaborative Apostolate

Bishop Robert Barron writes: “Friends, the work of the Church depends on the collaboration of every believer, all of us working together. Scandals have led to suspicion—but this is a great tragedy. Instead, we must learn how to reach out to one another with special care and consideration”.

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Terror on Every Side

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube Terror on Every Side — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon Friends, what do we see in Jeremiah’s preaching and prophesying? That being a spokesperson for God can be a terrible task—yet it’s wonderful. It is the worst possible thing—but your heart would burst if you…