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Why Civilization is DOOMED Without True Religion

Source: Pints with Aquinas via YouTube I talk with Dr. Scott Hahn about the importance of true religion for civilization. Then we will take questions from patrons and super chatters (patrons, ask here:…) Get Scott’s NEW book “It Is Right and Just”:… PATREON Become a Patron –…
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Using YouTube & Social Media to Demystify Christianity & God

Bishop Barron, a bishop in the Catholic Church, has embraced “new media” and is gaining popularity on YouTube for his accessible and clear discussions on the Bible, Catholicism and God. Whether you are a Christian or not, believe in God or not, you will find this episode fascinating as Bishop Barron demystifies what is often presented in a dogmatic and inaccessible way.

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Undeniable Proof of God’s Existence

Both atheists and theists alike, on the question of God’s existence, like to portray their position as the more rational one. Atheists will say, prove it to me. You’re making extraordinary claims, therefore give me irrefutable evidence such that it would be impossible to deny. This, btw, is a standard of proof far in excess of anything science has ever had to demonstrate.

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Build Back Better?

1) What do the oligarchs have in store for us now?
2) Have you noticed how certain phrases suddenly come into vogue and everyone’s using them seemingly overnight?
I’m talking about “build back better,” the latest word salad served up by the oligarchs for our consumption. And like “black lives matter,” “pro-choice,” and “hate has no home here,” build back better has been designed to be immune to any objections. I mean, do you want to build back worse? Do you want to build back at all? What’s wrong with you?