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Patrick J. Deneen – Freedom, Truth, and the Political Order

Friends, Patrick J. Deneen is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame and, I’d argue, one of the most thought-provoking and interesting political philosophers on the scene today. In our conversation, Professor Deneen and I discuss the failure of liberalism, the true meaning of freedom, the […]
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This Is Devastating for Gen Z

Source: Brian Holdsworth via Support the channel by visiting: or Researches are describing our emerging social climate as an epidemic of loneliness. Even the WHO is taking an interest, saying that it’s contributing to increased dementia, heart disease, and strokes. Gen Z appears to be hardest hit, […]
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How St. Benedict Created the Modern World

Source: ThinkingWest via Benedict of Nursia created a “guidebook” on monasticism. His rules led to the widespread proliferation of scientific study, formalized education, and hospitality for the sick/injured which developed into institutions that are still fundamental to society today. Check out our X account:   / thinkingwest   Join this channel to […]
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Get to Work!

Premiered on 11 May 2024 Bishop Barron’s Sunday SermonsFriends, today we come to the wonderful Feast of the Ascension of the Lord. Like the disciples in our first reading, we often want to ask the Lord, “When is all of this going to come to fruition? What’s it all about? […]

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Rolling Back The Tide Of Post Vatican II Iconoclasm: The Newly Revealed Wall Painting At The Oxford Oratory

Source: David Clayton via Reprinted with permission. When Margarita and I visit Oxford, we regularly attend Mass at the Oxford Oratory. I was excited, therefore, when a friend and parishioner at the Oxford Oratory drew my attention to this spectacular development in its ongoing restoration project. The white paint […]

Photo by Imad Alassiry on Unsplash
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Belgian Health-Fund President: Euthanize Old People to Save Money

Source: Wesley J. Smith, (Discovery Institute) Reprinted with permission. Earlier this month, I noted that a U.K. columnist was pushing euthanasia for the elderly as a way of saving national resources. I suggested that normalizing euthanasia leads to such crass beliefs, furthering our slide toward a perceived “duty to die” on […]