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Why is IVF a Problem if You’re Pro-Life?

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Quote: This clip is taken from a BONUS episode of Pints with Aquinas, my live interview with Lila Rose about her conversion to Catholicism. You can watch the full episode here:    • From Protestant to Catholic w/ Lila Rose  

Can you be Pro-Life and be in favor of IVF (in vitro fertilization)? Find out in this short clip! Find Lila’s podcast at, on Facebook at   / lilagracerose  , Twitter at   / lilagracerose  , and Instagram at   / lilaroseofficial  .

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My Journey Through In Vitro Fertilisation
Yes, the cost is high for what we’re doing, both financially and physically. But it will be worth it, I tell myself. Because surely at least one of these embryos will give us our heart’s desire–a beautiful child of our own.

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