Dramas with a moral or faith-based message.

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Two + Two

Source: Pendoon via YouTube.com “What happens when in an attempt to re-educate the masses everything you have been taught is proclaimed false and your whole universe of values crumbles violently before your eyes?” BAFTA 2012: Awarded ‘Best Short Film’.Nominee: Best Short Film, German Independence Award. Header image: Pendoon via YouTube.com

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The Veil Removed – Short Film

Source: The Veil Removed via YouTube The Veil Removed is a short film that reveals the coming together of heaven and earth at Mass, as seen by saints and mystics, revealed by scripture and in the catechism of the Catholic Church. Go to theveilremoved.com to learn more. The Veil Removed […]

Sing a Little Louder
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Sing a Little Louder

Source: Catholic Witnesses on YouTube Inspired by the true story of an elderly man who in his youth witnessed the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust from the pews of his Church, Sing a Little Louder provides a stunning message for the twenty-first century and a revelation of the genocides that […]