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Christianity and science, contrary to some narratives, are in fact complementary by nature. Indeed it was the Catholic Church which founded the modern university system of education that led to many scientific discoveries that today we take for granted. The impetus was to seek to understand the objective truth and beauty of the world around us, and in so doing to come to a deeper understanding of both the Creator and his work of creation.

Brian Holdsworth
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No God, No Science

When we use our reason to try to understand something, we are assuming, from the outset, that the thing we are investigating can be understood by reason because it is reasonable and that it will reveal itself in a rational way, that behind the mystery of the thing, there is order and governance that can be discerned.

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Three Big Myths about the History of Christianity and Science Exposed

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Three Big Ways Christianity Supported the Rise of Modern Science

Source: Michael Keas of Discovery Science on YouTube Are Christianity and science at war? Historian of science Michael Keas busts the stereotypes as he explores the historical relationship between Christianity and science, discussing three key ways Christian theology supported the development of modern science. Dr. Keas is author of the…