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About was conceived of, as a demonstration tool for small parish teams interested in developing their own educational online resources, especially for evangelisation purposes.

It is not intended to be exhaustive, or comprehensive, but rather indicative of the kind of third party content available online. Such content can easily become part of a parish’s own repertoire of available media, suitable for answering some of the many pressing questions that both Catholics and non-Catholics may wish to ask.

Evangelisation will not happen by hoping that people, whether they be non-believers, lapsed Catholics or the like, will just walk through the church door! So, initially parish teams have to go out to meet them, and increasingly in today’s world, that means online!

Ideally, a parish should establish a ‘Media Ministry’ or indeed form one with a cluster of other parishes for this purpose. Sometimes it makes more sense to share this work, so that the burden is much easier to manage. It may also prove more helpful in looking for volunteers to help out within a parish cluster than a single parish.

As parishes become proficient at managing their media/websites, they can then start to develop their own original material. This can include coverage of a range of local stories, news, and/or events. All of which can help draw visitors to the site, and hopefully from there engage them with other aspects of the site e.g. Catholic teaching, explanations, stories, or pastoral education programmes etc.

For some ideas on what this means and how it might be achieved in your own parish, please view this video by Bishop Robert Barron given at a recent USCCB conference in November 2019. Link Here.

Site Posts
The stories that appear in are in a format called a blog ‘post’. On this site, they often follow a ‘theme’ e.g. teaching on a particular topic/person e.g. Thomas Acquinas, or Pro-Life stories, or conversion stories etc. So, you are more likely than not to view several posts on a similar topic in quick succession.

Search: for a particular topic, theme or story
You can search for stories that interest you via the ‘search’ field at the very top right-hand side of the webpage. Just click on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, and type in a keyword. All stories that carry that keyword will appear on a newly generated page for you.

Search: Tags
Alternatively, you can just click on whatever ‘Tags’ are listed at the bottom of any page, such as ‘Art,’ or ‘Heliocentric’, or ‘Fr. Mike Schmitz’ etc., which will then take you to a page with a complete list of posts covered by that particular tag.

Nomenclature of MediaArk
The name Media+Ark was chosen for a number of reasons:

  • The scriptural link with Noah’s Ark
  • The notion of a repository, of safety, of preservation
  • The symbolic use of an Ark/boat also represents the Catholic church (Mark 4: 35-41)
  • Dedication to Our Lady, as protector or Ark of Christ/The Word

Media Content
The content of this site is largely Catholic, and geared towards a broad range of Catholics, from the committed to the occasional participant, but especially to Catholic parishes and their media teams.

Other topics of a non-religious nature may also be covered, if pertinent in some way to the ethos of this site. For example some Christian/evangelical videos/websites may have some insights that can be very useful for Catholics, but Catholics should be aware that there are still basic differences between the denominations (our brothers and sisters in Christ), and should ask the Holy Spirit to guide them in their viewing/reading.

If in doubt about any particular topic please refer to your local parish priest or spiritual director for guidance.

Header image: Detail of the Three Kings fromĀ The Adoration of the Magi, tapestry, Manchester Metropolitan University on Wikipedia

Why this icon and not one of an ark?
I hope that this site contains the ‘wisdom’ and insights of various Catholic/Christian teachers and authors. Hence the the detail of the three wise Kings from the tapestry.

As of this writing, I have not found a suitable representation of an Ark that I am satisfied with. However, this may change in due course.

Archive page/header image: Maksym Kaharlyt on Unsplash