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How Should We Understand Miracles?

Friends, over 83 percent of Americans still believe in miracles, but what, specifically, are miracles? What are the grounds for believing in them, especially for non-eye witnesses? In the Catholic context, who has the authority to deem an event miraculous? Should Catholics incorporate devotions to Church-approved supernatural events like apparitions of the Virgin Mary and post-Ascension appearances of Jesus Christ into their faith life? We discuss the Catholic understanding of miracles and how the miraculous fits with a comprehensive evangelical vision of the life of the Church.

A listener asks if it was a sin when those healed by Jesus in the Bible told others of their miraculous healing, though Jesus had told them not to tell.

00:00 | Intro 01: 20 | Update on Winona-Rochester’s new pastoral center 03: 10 | Distinguishing miracles from improbable or impossible events
06:15 | Conditions necessary for the miraculous
10:58 | The relationship between nature and grace
14:10 | How miracles are confirmed
16:44 | Science and miracles
20:09 | Miracles and the Bible
23:19 | If God’s revelation is complete, why do miracles continue?
25:50 | The Vatican’s recent document on apparitions
27:14 | Addressing skepticism of the miraculous
31:05 | Listener question
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