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The Social Dilemma

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube A hit Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” is a film about the dark side of social media explained by the Silicon Valley innovators behind it. In this episode of “The Word on Fire Show,” Bishop Barron discusses some of the film’s insights and offers […]

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What is Postmodernism?

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube What is postmodernism? What gave rise to it, what are its main characteristics, and how should Catholics assess it? In this episode, Bishop Barron and Brandon discuss the postmodern turn and its results. A listener asks, is it impossible for some people to believe […]

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Creating Atheists

Friends, his wildly popular book, “A Manual for Creating Atheists,” Peter Boghossian, a philosophy professor at Portland State University, outlines his process of “street epistemology,” which is intended to be a process of anti-evangelization, or talking people out of their religious faith. In this episode of the “Word on Fire […]