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Muhammad Was a FALSE Prophet

Matt Fradd says “In this new episode of Pints with Aquinas, I interview David Wood (popular YouTuber, Evangelical Christian, ex-convict, ex-West Virginia trailer park resident, and all around awesome dude-with-an-amazing-conversion-story). David has a real passion for apologetics—particularly as it relates to refuting Islam. In this amazing conversation, we pick apart Islam, using Aquinas’ writings on Muhammad as our guide”.

Mateus Campos Felipe and Nick Fewings via unsplash.com
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Conversion Story: From Buddhism to Christianity W/ Evan Collins

Evan Collins became an atheist at just age 13, and he went to college became fascinated by Buddhism. He started to read more and felt an attraction to the philosophy, and started a Buddhist group. He took a class on the philosophy of religion in college in order to prove Christianity wrong. However, through that class he came to believe in an “unmoved, mover”. He took a class on St. Augustine’s Confessions, and, through discussion on Plato, the Natural Law, and Augustine’s world view he was persuaded to become a Catholic.

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Matt Fradd: The Porn Industry

Source: Church Militant on YouTube Buy Matt Fradd’s book here: https://www.amazon.com/Porn-Myth-Expo… If you struggle with porn, sign up here for FREE: https://www.strive21.com/ Get the Truth. Join Church Militant today: https://bit.ly/37rYn55 Go to our website to watch thousands of hours of Catholic content. https://www.churchmilitant.com/ Sign up for a Premium account. https://www.churchmilitant.com/gopremium […]

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The Best Argument for The Existence of God

Source: Matt Frdd on YouTube Trent gives us his best philosophical argument for the existence of God, and I play devil’s advocate. –Thanks to our sponsors!!!– 🌳 The Catholic Woodworker: https://catholicwoodworker.com/ (use discount code: mattfradd) 👁️Covenant Eyes: https://www.covenanteyes.com/ (use promo code: mattfradd) 🙏Hallow: https://hallow.app/mattfradd 🎥 Check out the Full Episode: […]