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From Star Seed to Disciple of Christ

Leah was fully immersed in all aspects of the new age movement, including the use of ‘spiritual guides’. She had founded a successful YouTube channel extolling, what she thought, were the benefits of the New Age movement, until she was forced by life’s circumstances to seek out the “true spiritual path”. This brought her into a very personal encounter with a gentle, loving, personal Jesus, which totally changed her life.

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What Is the New Age Movement?

New Age is a term that encompasses a broad spectrum of spiritual, philosophical, and theological thought developing in the West since the eighteenth century, mainly in counterpoint to (if not in direct reaction against) the rationalism of the Enlightenment. New Age suggests that adherents are seeking to usher in a new phase in human history (i.e., a “new age” or new epoch) through their spiritual practices and their philosophical and theological developments of traditional Western religious thought and practice.

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The New Age

Source: Catholic Productions on YouTube St. Paul speaks of the New Age or the Age to Come in 1 Corinthians 2. He also speaks about this New Age or Age to come as a “secret wisdom.” What is this New Age or Age to come that Paul speaks of? Check […]