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The Spiritual Life is a Battle

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube.com Friends, our first reading for this Sunday is about a battle between Israel and the Amalekites. To many of us today, this appears to be either an irrelevancy of history or an outrageous story about God sanctioning genocide. But Origen of Alexandria helps us […]

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Kirie, Eleison! – Maria Coman

Source: Trinitas TV via YouTube O rugăciune din inimă pentru creștinii “răstigniti” în lume în zilele noastre! Kirie, eleison! (Κύριε, ἐλέησον!) – Doamne, miluiește! Interpretează Maria Coman. #PrayforChristiansAroundTheWorld Header image: Trinitas TV via YouTube

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Does Prayer Even Work?

When I first became a Christian, and then a Catholic, prayer was one of those things that came with a lot of questions. How do I do it? Why should I do it? What does it do? What should I expect? And I think a lot of those questions can easily persist for people well into their spiritual journeys.


Reflection: Meeting in Groups

We can often be impressed by numbers, and that is true even within the context of the church. We look to see how many are coming to Mass or how many are signing up to this parish event or to that parish ministry. Jesus’ way of looking at things is somewhat different to ours. Numbers did not seem to be an issue for him.