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Dealing with Traditionalist Catholics

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube Music written and generously provided by Paul Jernberg. Find out more about his work as a composer here: https://pauljernberg.com Spanish translations by Vélez Translations, https://www.veleztranslations.com I’ve seen a lot of attention given to the disruption that is caused by those pesky radical traditionalists, or rad-trads, […]

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Stop Blaming Vatican II

Source: Breaking in The Habit via YouTube The Church today is not what it was 75 years ago. Many have tried to come up with answers why, but the most common day is a simple one: it’s Vatican II’s fault. Although convenient, I believe that this answer makes no sense […]

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“Pope Francis and Vatican II”

Friends, some Catholics in America today are increasingly vocal in their attacks on the Second Vatican Council—an ecumenical council of the Church summoned and presided over by the successor of Peter. How should we understand this disturbing trend? In this keynote talk from the 2020 Napa Institute, I trace the missionary purpose of Vatican II from the conciliar texts themselves, through the New Evangelization…

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The Validity of Vatican II

The second Vatican council was an ecumenical council of the Catholic Church hosted over several years and presided over by 2 popes (John XIII & Paul VI).

Up until this point in the Church’s history, councils were called in order to resolve some controversy as in someone’s been teaching something that is creating confusion and debate and so the Church needs to gather to prayerfully consider it and offer a clarification.